Episode 4: Red, White and Turkey Blues

00:00 / 39:57

Sheila F’s reminder that “Love Takes Time” leads to some surprising nuptials! Together, the dynamic duo boil down the birth of Information Technology. As the holidays approach, Joe’s woes are soothed by Sheila’s dulcet tones….

Episode 3: Ready to Take Off

00:00 / 38:54

During their 3rd band meeting, Joe and Sheila F continue to do a fantastic job sticking to their agenda! Joe confronts some of his demons including: an addiction to gummy bears, a personification fetish, and a debilitating case of Whitney Houston disorder. Sheila F continues to capture Joe’s undivided attention with her Siren-like serenades, her formidable grammar knowledge, and her mastery of reverse psychology. Then the two discover the benefits of Amazon Prime, the merits of metric system, and what it really means to have a dream deferred…

Episode 2: We’re On Fire

00:00 / 37:02

Joe and Sheila take it to the next studio and try to find some new band members.

Episode 1: Everything is Going Great

00:00 / 49:05

Joe and Sheila wrap up their first band practice, and now it’s time for a band meeting. The meeting was productive and stayed on topic the whole time and there were no shenanigans.