Episode 14: iCloud With a Chance of Meatballs

00:00 / 41:26

Sheila F loses her memory when she accidentally throws her phone in the wash. Joe Stoner exposes the underbelly of the Supreme Court Case: Carrot Top vs. the State of Damon Wayans. The two quibble…

Episode 13: The Infinite Vortex

00:00 / 41:01

GOOD NEWS: Sheila F is back from her 69 day coma. Joe Stoner learned to tickle the ivories something fierce! BAD NEWS: Sheila F learns that the conservative agenda was not just a nightmare. Due…

Episode 12: Back to the Future

00:00 / 38:06

Due to an unfortunate time-related mishap, Joe has to write up the meeting notes for this episode without any help from Sheila F. He did a fine job. See, Sheila? Type type type, look at…

Episode 11: Dark Roast Divas

00:00 / 39:40

Despite being in severe caffeine withdrawal, the buddies managed to square  dance “Weekend at Bernie’s” style. Back at the studio, they “Talk Dong,” rail on racism, and sip fetid frappucinnos. Finally, the two are too…

Episode 10: Band Meeting! Band Meeting! Band Meeting!

00:00 / 39:09

This episode is larger than life! After riding the rails, Sheila F and Joe learn to trust each other with some salacious secrets. Joe confides that he still has a shrine dedicated to ladies who…

Episode 9: Bed, Bath, and…Beyoncé?

00:00 / 41:40

Joe and Sheila F finally have some luck! While distinguishing duvets from bidets, Joe dissect the difference between headlining and opening bands. In so doing, he reveals his bed bias and Sheila F “nairly” loses…

Episode 8: Lord Save Our Filthy Souls!

00:00 / 39:15

Despite the refreshing new location, Sheila F and Joe find themselves in hot water again! The duo learns more than they ever wanted to know about: corrupt cops, the softer side of cereal killers, and…

Episode 7: It’s Getting Hot in Herre!

00:00 / 40:20

This episode isn’t for the average bear! Finally, the duo “melts” into a bonafide studio! They reveal “Who’s the Boss?”; learn the importance of temperature conversion; and are forced to face “The Man in the…

Episode 6: On the Run! Dog Puns and a Bit of Fun

00:00 / 38:57

This episode is barking! While dodging the Baha Mafia, Joe and Sheila F burrow into some rough stuff including: Sheila D’s dining disorder, Joe’s dandelion dread, the birth of bubble butts, and the underbelly of…

Episode 5: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Cheetos

00:00 / 38:53

Joe’s rocking a fierce Cheetos glow despite his case of Keys Disease. A prosecuting pup pops by and takes a bite out of crime. Sigourney Weaver leaves Sheila F star struck, but she composes herself…