Episode 41: A Gaping Chasm

00:00 / 42:10

It’s our 41st episode and everything goes beautifully… for the first 11 minutes. During that evancescent utopia, Joe Stoner isn’t a piece of shit nor is Sheila F a chronic complainer. However, “the script inevitably…

Episode 40: Waiting for a Williams

00:00 / 42:33

In episode 40, Joe Stoner “pitches a tent” where Sheila F can pursue her passion project – marriage in the major league! While waiting for Sheila’s paramour to present, the duo google “Google” and debate…

Episode 38: It’s Getting Cold in Herre!

00:00 / 42:46

Would you submerge yourself into liquid nitrogen for your number one fan? If the answer is yes, be prepared for the following Soprano Series’ side effects: Dr. Melfi Meltdowns; Carm’s Parm’s Alarms; Antipasto Apathy; Fungule…

Episode 37: Who Would Jesus Do?

00:00 / 43:43

If you thought that one time at band camp was crazy, you’re going to think this episode is bonkers! “Drained to the O,” Sheila F manages to follow Joe to the pitch perfect location. The…

Episode 36: Squeaky Clean

00:00 / 43:31

“Trapped in time, I don’t know what to do…” Oops, Sheila F is still having Phish dreams from her and Joe’s abrupt seaside wedding adventure! She soon gets it back together when she and Joe…

Episode 35: Fast as a Rock!

00:00 / 41:35

Joe Stoner and Sheila F get into a real “chicken and egg” debate over their love of country music. Fortunately, they agree to abandon their dusty trail and forge into the 18th Frontier! As history…

Episode 34: Amongst Soiled Balls

00:00 / 43:56

After dreaming of Antelopes Out of Control, Sheila F wakes up with a “Blank A.C Slate(r).” Ready for a good quip, Joe rips off Sheila F’s Biore strip! None too pleased, Sheila F commences some…

Episode 33: Ironic Cowper’s Gland

00:00 / 45:11

Budding Young Musicians! – Behold a template for effective band communication! Despite Sheila F’s claustrophobia, she indulges Joe’s dogged determination to put the “Entertainment” in Chuck ”E” Cheese. After whistling their S’s, the duo delves…

Episode 32: Parenthetical Abusage

00:00 / 42:08

After 32 band meetings, the buddies find themselves tardy to their own party! Despite hitting her egg on some nog, Sheila F’s best bud adds insult to her injury! Demanding that she zip it, Joe…