Episode 31: Awake at the Wheel!

00:00 / 45:02

This episode is nothing to yawn at! Having fortuitously found themselves at the esteemed recording studio – One Overnight Drive Plaza – Sheila F and Joe Stoner find themselves flushed and frustrated, respectively. Poppling over the…

Episode 30: The Confirmed Bachelor

00:00 / 41:56

The band is on the beach! When Joe and Sheila see a chance to sing sea chants at the Tea Dance, they seize the sitch. The Grammy goal gets escalated into EGOT fisticuffs after Sheila…

Episode 29: Go Fish!

00:00 / 41:02

This band meeting isn’t your average card game! Feeling “witchy” and “crabby,” Sheila F and Joe Stoner seek solace in a progressive, subterranean community. However, the duo soon discover that some gills are not golden….

Episode 28: Lyft Off!

00:00 / 41:55

Finding themselves in a real “Lyft Sitch,” Sheila F and Joe Stoner have a band meeting that is out of this galaxy! With the objective input of their Lyft driver, the duo debates how to…

Episode 27: Knock that Sh#t “Out!”

00:00 / 42:00

Sheila F’s claustrophobia kicks in when Joe reveals that the bandmates are trapped in an “escape room” situation! Joe tries his best to mellifluously mollify Sheila F with band name banter. He then taps into…

Episode 26: Ina Fartin’ Garten!

00:00 / 39:50

Joe and Sheila F get boom sauced in this positively palate pleasing band meeting! By flipping the script, the duo “curry” the favor of the esteemed chef Matte Huggaboom. Between business bargainings, the three grieve…

Episode 25: Cult of Cleanliness

00:00 / 41:09

Joe and Sheila F really “clean” up their acts during this “blockbuster” band meeting! The buddies make a new friend who “projects” the bands certainty for success. Per usual, Joe “runs so far” from Sheila…

Episode 24: Dumpster Dive Surprise!

00:00 / 42:05

To commemorate a very special day, Sheila F takes Joe on a surprise trip to the “Great Outback!” Much to Joe’s awe, Gabbo the Clown rises from the rubbish! This curios clown certainly “razzles Joe’s…

Episode 23: Let Me See That Horn!

00:00 / 44:00

Joe Stoner gets right down to airing some “greasy” grievances. As a sign of solidarity, Sheila F reveals what’s “flimming her flam” (BTW- it is NOT “alright, alright, alright”). Stay tuned to determine whether Joe…

Episode 22: Bob Mason Joins the Band

00:00 / 40:55

The Savior of Capitaland Radio finds Joe and Sheila’s new practice space, and Sheila seems smitten. Lives are changed irrevocably when Bob Mason weighs in on the band’s best tromboner. Joe fails to learn a…