Episode 51: Sleep Synching

00:00 / 42:56

It’s that time of the month … Fact or Rumor? 1. Fact! Rumors were invented by Fleetwood Mac! (Lindsey Buckingham didn’t piss clean for his most recent lie detector test) 2. Rumor! Pee Pee in…

Episode 50: Coming Clean!

00:00 / 40:57

After 49 countless band meetings, it’s time to finally peek behind the curtain that makes this band turn the beat around and turn over a new leaf. Revelations are made, sins are atoned, and tones…

Episode 49: This Band Is So Meta

00:00 / 39:34

During their 49th Band Meeting, the duo are definitely not out of all “spoonerisms.” I/ She/ We…uhhh… Well the point is that this band is super sexsuccessful given the following infallible facts: 1) They are…

Episode 48: Date with Destiny

00:00 / 41:49

Sheila F and Joe Stoner’s friendship is in peril! While under the decaying clapboards of the boardwalk, it becomes clear that Joe’s “moonscreen” doesn’t prevent him from being moonstruck! What will happen to the band…

Episode 47: Vay2TheK

00:00 / 41:25

Joe Stoner and Sheila F are “Best Friends Gone Wild!” That’s right! They are on the Vay2TheK! Destined for stratospheric success, what could keep them from walking on the moon? Certainly not “moon block”!

Episode 46: Dirty Birdy

00:00 / 40:26

Facing an impending “Seasonal Affective Court Order,” Sheila F is in a real “Molly Mcmurphy” mood! Thankfully, Joe Stoner musters his inner Dwayne the Muscle Man Savage and provides Sheila with support. Her tirade includes such…

Episode 45: Let Me Clear My Throat!

00:00 / 40:43

Hing! Hing! Hing! Sheila F and Joe Stoner have landed their first gig and they are ready to rock the Gen Pop! However, Sheila F flips the F Double Hockey Sticks out when she realizes…

Episode 44: Daft Punk’d

00:00 / 44:16

Ever wonder why your Nanna knows so much about Ron Jeremy? Wonder what puts the “Daft” in Punk? Every wonder if Purell or regular hand soap makes Pharell Williams “happy”? You guys are curious as…

Episode 43: Going the Distance

00:00 / 39:53

It’s Sheila F’s birthday and she fell off the edge of the earth, so Joe’s writing this synopsis! I think he’s doing a great job. Possibly a perfect job. But this isn’t a performance review,…

Episode 42: Dirtbagsville… Population 2?!?

00:00 / 42:22

Room, Room! Joe Stoner, Sheila F, and their roomba are surrounded by no dearth of dirt in this episode! Incidentally, they also reached singularity in a black hole and came down with a wicked case…