Episode 24: Dumpster Dive Surprise!

00:00 / 42:05

To commemorate a very special day, Sheila F takes Joe on a surprise trip to the “Great Outback!” Much to Joe’s awe, Gabbo the Clown rises from the rubbish! This curios clown certainly “razzles Joe’s…

Episode 23: Let Me See That Horn!

00:00 / 44:00

Joe Stoner gets right down to airing some “greasy” grievances. As a sign of solidarity, Sheila F reveals what’s “flimming her flam” (BTW- it is NOT “alright, alright, alright”). Stay tuned to determine whether Joe…

Episode 22: Bob Mason Joins the Band

00:00 / 40:55

The Savior of Capitaland Radio finds Joe and Sheila’s new practice space, and Sheila seems smitten. Lives are changed irrevocably when Bob Mason weighs in on the band’s best tromboner. Joe fails to learn a…

Episode 21: Band Beets

00:00 / 41:18

Safe on terra firma, Joe and Sheila F are ready to “turn the ‘beet’ around.” While waxing poetic, the two put the “sass” into “sarsaparilla”! During rhyme time, Sheila F loses her cool and demands…

Episode 20: Nasal Cuts

00:00 / 40:04

Due to the prolonged precipitation, the dynamic duo succumbed to a hearty “Gonapikiwiki!” After some solid shuteye, the buddies excavate themselves from a real “Stevie Nicks Sitch!” Revived in the nick of time, the duo…

Episode 19: SNAFU!

00:00 / 41:27

Sheila F. Proposes a plan to profit from pickling. For all “intensive porpoises,” the duo concur that youth hostels COULD draw wild horses away. Scatman Crothers present the two with a surprising swan Song request….

Episode 18: Leaving Las Vegas

00:00 / 40:01

The dynamic duo had to dine and dash! Despite their desire to debate the demise of Duritz, Joe Stoner and Sheila F become distracted by card counting and “Counting” Crows. Refusing to be penny rich…

Episode 17: Green Around the Gills!

00:00 / 40:05

Sheila F, Joe Stoner, and… a new band member? Chlorofunked, the promising green-thumbed guest gives colorfully “chloro-phylled” contributions to the duo’s discussion: Sheila and Shaq’s separation and Joe Stoner tough tiff with tariffs.

Episode 16: Gonapikiwiki Leaks!

00:00 / 43:48

When his sordid Google search history pops up, Joe Stoner unveils what it means to “chum the internet waters.” After clearing his cookies, the duo welcomes back Cotter, implores the force of Igor, and checks in…

Episode 15: Finally Fan Mail!

00:00 / 45:25

After “entertaining” some pressing fan mail inquiries, Sheila F and Joe Stoner realize that they are in HIGH demand! They have the “class,” “sass,” and now it’s time to please  an audience of a formidable…