Episode 61: Honey, I Shrunk my Balls

00:00 / 40:25

Episode 61 has everything! It’s got pumps. It’s got balls. It’s got Rick Moranis’s pump for his balls. So take off your over the shoulder boulder holders, get comfy, and join us as we pump…

Episode 60: No Diddling on the Roof!

00:00 / 39:03

Listener, get your calculators! According to Pavlov’s Hierarchy and Maslov’s Response, our highly coveted segment is back… Yuppers. It’s Math Time! Beware- you’re about to get your cortexes crunched. Posterior Parietal, Ventrotemporal, and Occipital… BLAMMO!…

Episode 59: Earth, Wind, and Fire Day

00:00 / 42:15

It’s Earth Day, baby! Not only is the band on fire, Sheila F just passed a gale of munchie-induced wind! And for all of you inquiring minds, the band celebrated the “High Holiday” in fit…

Episode 57: Three Time, Three Time, Three Time!

00:00 / 39:43

In episode 57, Sheila F reveals her AWESOME new catch phrase! After regretting his excessive Ambien-induced, Amazon Prime purchases, Joe Stoner decides to get his “sleep studied.” Tune your frequencies between 25 and 40Hz and…

Episode 55: Voicemail Hail

00:00 / 34:17

How will Joe Stoner respond to the band’s flood of FMVM? (That stands for “Fan Mail Voice Mail” for our primarily octogenarian – saturated listening demographic). Will he be able to determine who’s a Real…

Episode 54: Sound Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

00:00 / 40:16

Joe Stoner becomes frustrated at Sheila’s “inability to make noise that is sensible for an audio format.” Sheila F thinks he’s straight up “clipping”! Who is right? And why is Sheila on a belching bender?…

Episode 53: Band Monogamy and Gruyere Cheese

00:00 / 29:25

Where in the world is Sheila F? Has she aBANDoned Joe Stoner for a foray with Francis McDormand? What role does Frank the Weiner and Rick Morranis play in all this chaos? Will Joe have…

Episode 52: Shark Tank Frank

00:00 / 40:29

Oh poop scoop! The band is facing friendship fragility! Rather than explain the companion’s crossroad in laymen language, let recitative bring you up to speed! Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, forgive Sheila, Joe!